Welcome to our best range of conference compendiums and folders that make an elite statement. While their purpose is the same as other promotional compendiums, their materials and styling are subtly and discreetly more elegant. They may be available and more colors and color combinations to match your company colors or those chosen for your conference. Typical colors include black, pewter, brown and navy with accents in gold, silver, pewter, red and blue. These luxury leather conference folders will make quite an impression on your conference attendees, or be ideal for a corporate image or board of director meetings and presentations where image is everything.  Typically these compendiums are branded with what we call embossing.  The embossed look for a leather compendium is one that leaves a stunning look for the lifetime of the promotional compendium.  Not to be taken for granted these compendiums are made from the finest cow hide leather and are manufactured under the most stringent conditions for all of our clients to benefit from.  The end result is one of the most sought after and expensive promotional products on the market today.  If quality is what you are looking for, look no further than a conference leather compendium.

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