Conference Bags & Satchels – Customised & Personalised

What are conference bags?

Conference bags & satchels are bags given out at conferences, events, or trade shows. They are typically made of durable materials like canvas, nylon, or polyester and serve as a promotional item for the event or company. Conference bags often have the event logo, sponsor logos, or promotional graphics printed on them and are used to carry event materials, such as handouts, business cards, or personal items.

How do I go about ordering conference bags?

To order conference bags, you can follow these steps:

• Determine your needs: Decide on the size, color, material, and design of the bags you want to order.
• Find a supplier like us: Search for conference bags on our website who specialise in conference bags. You can do this by searching online, checking trade magazines, or contacting industry associations.
• Get quotes: Contact the suppliers you’ve found and request quotes for the quantity of bags you want to order. Make sure to provide them with detailed specifications, such as the size, material, and design requirements.
• Compare quotes: Compare the quotes you receive to find the best price and quality combination.
• Place your order: Once you’ve selected a supplier, place your order and provide them with all necessary details, including payment and shipping information.
• Approve the proof: Most suppliers like us will provide a digital proof of the design for your approval before producing the final product. Make sure to carefully review the proof and request any necessary revisions.
• Receive and inspect: Once the bags are produced, inspect them upon arrival to ensure they meet your quality and design specifications.

Conference bag examples

Here are some examples of conference bags:

1 Tote bags: Large, open-top bags with shoulder straps, often made from cotton or canvas.
2 Drawstring bags: Small, lightweight bags with a drawstring closure, often made from nylon or polyester.
3 Backpack bags: Bags with two straps for wearing on the back, often made from durable materials like nylon or polyester.
4 Messenger bags: Bags with a long shoulder strap, designed to be worn across the body, often made from canvas or leather.
5 Cooler bags: Insulated bags with a thermal lining, designed to keep food and drinks cool, often made from nylon or polyester.
6 Duffel bags: Large, cylindrical bags with a single shoulder strap, often made from nylon or canvas.
7 Laptop bags: Bags designed specifically to carry laptops, often made from nylon or polyester and featuring padded compartments for protection.
These are just a few examples of conference bags. The exact type of bag you choose will depend on your specific needs and the style of the conference or event.

Best conference bag questions to ask

When ordering conference bags, here are some questions to ask the supplier:

1 What materials are available?
2 Can you provide a sample of the bag material?
3 What is the minimum order quantity?
4 How long will it take to produce the bags?
5 Can you provide a digital proof of the design before production?
6 What is the lead time for delivery?
7 Can you handle shipping and delivery?
8 What is the cost per bag, including printing and shipping?
9 What is your policy on returns and cancellations?
10 Can you provide references from past clients?
By asking these questions, you can ensure that you understand the production process, cost, and lead time, as well as the supplier’s policies and experience.

Are you looking for conference bags & satchels custom printed with logos or sponsor names?  Do you have a meeting or event with delegates or several attendees?  Here at Complete Conference Supplies we provide you with the largest range of decorated conference bags in Australia!  We are the “one-stop-shop” for all your branded meeting and event goodie bag needs.  Whether you are organising a meeting, conference, event, exhibition or product launch, we can supply your carry items or event satchels along with any other personalised conference merchandise that you require.  Operating since 2005 we can custom print your items to suit any budget.  For example, your merchandise can be manufactured in Polyester, Cotton, Poly-Canvas, Canvas, Suede or Nylon, all of which would be personalised to your companies specific requirements.  Document bags are the ideal meeting or event gift and are very useful, cost-effective and are available in a wide range of materials/colors, which give a high perceived value to your clients.   Our custom satchels and duffels are also the perfect solutions to storing a wide range of meeting accessories that you may receive at these types of events.  By gifting one of these carryall items your attendees one can place anything inside these wonderful flexible containers.

If your conference bags require something different, why not give away a laptop, backpack or flap satchel, or one of our favorite carry containers, a simple tote or calico carryall, or a piece of luggage to all delegates. These items are extremely useful and can be tailored to meet your marketing budget.  Decoration/print options include 1-4 color screen-prints, which are well suited to one or multiple logo’s and this option can one to four colors.  Other options include embroidery and full-color digital prints.  Talk to one of our team members for the best decoration options for your budget or design requirements.

We hold substantial stocks of bags in-house, available on a next day service. Our in-house graphic design team and screen-printing facility enable printed conference satchels to be supplied in less than 1 week, for all of our carry bags year-round.  We deliver Australia wide.

Our geographical delivery area includes Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Flexible order system whereby final numbers can be confirmed just prior to printing, removing the need to forecast quantities for your event.


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